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With Harriet Morris

The podcast that looks at the life lessons the whole magical world of JK Rowling has to offer us.

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Mar 17, 2018

Wouldn’t we all just love a Time Turner? How fabulous would it be to go back in time and wipe out that awful interview, the person you wish you had never met, or the job you would avoid like the plague if you had your time over again.


However, I believe that the REAL fantasy pull of the Time Turner is two-fold: to help us turn away from the inevitable forward march of time and to avoid having to feel regret.


Sorry, ain’t gonna happen. In this episode, I discuss how JK Rowling’s very interesting limitations on this invention gives us a clue to why we are better off without them (and Harry and co. helpfully smashed the lot in the department of mysteries at the end of book 5 anyway) and how we can neutralise regret instead.


Olivia from The Super Serious Social Justice Podcast drops in to give her a few of her favourite bits of all things Potter. 



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