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With Harriet Morris

The podcast that looks at the life lessons the whole magical world of JK Rowling has to offer us.

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Mar 20, 2020

If Coronavirus Were A Harry Potter Character, It Would Not Be Voldemort. So Who Then?

Why, Peeves The Poltergeist of course.

For me, the most useful metaphor for Coronavirus in the world of Hogwarts is Peeves the poltergeist.

Hogwart’s most un-favourite poltergeist is pretty unmanageable. The only souls, living or dead, that have any impact on his mischief-making are Dumbledore and The Bloody Baron. Everyone else must put up with him - because what else can they do? Whether he is lobbing water balloons at the students during the welcoming feast or making Neville set fire to his own pants, Peeves seems to have some kind of superhuman (super ex-human?) ability to be undetectable before he strikes. Sounds a bit like Coronavirus if you ask me.

Peeves stands for chaos and disruption. But look a bit deeper, and he is also a powerful metaphor for how to cope with that disruption.

In this episode I explain the hidden goodness of Hogwarts' most onerous ghost. Enjoy! 



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