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With Harriet Morris

The podcast that looks at the life lessons the whole magical world of JK Rowling has to offer us.

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Oct 22, 2017

Draco Malfoy is much more than a bully gifted with magical powers. He offers us two very different sources of inspiration when it comes to empowering ourselves.

First of all, he makes us ask What is great about that person who drives me crazy? It is the ONLY question we can ask. Without Draco, Harry would not be master of The Elder Wand. We too can use bullies and other difficult people as sources of resilience.

Secondly, Draco exemplifies the loneliness of true change. Nobody is there to help him transition from eager Death Eater in waiting to the better man he is growing into. I get enormous comfort from Draco's very real struggles in the last two books.



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