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With Harriet Morris

The podcast that looks at the life lessons the whole magical world of JK Rowling has to offer us.

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Jun 17, 2020

“Dobby will have too punish himself most grievously for coming to see you Sir; Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this” (from The Chamber of Secrets).

Today’s Quotefest episode uses this seemingly simple quote from Dobby to illustrate a deeper understanding of self-sabotaging behaviour. I am talking about Invisible Pricetags.

Dobby creates a very visible pricetag for speaking the truth about his abuse at the hands of the Malfoys, and wanting to help Harry: he self harms.

The lessons we can draw from this are many and varied, but today I focus on the invisible version that I used to create for myself on a pretty much daily basis.

I talk about what invisible pricetags are and how you can stop paying them.



…comes again from Dobby



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